Anyone who visits South Africa simply has to go to Kruger. Some describe the Park as the world's biggest zoo, but that is an
inaccurate description of the place. Although there are indeed fences separating the Park from neighbouring game
reserves, this is more to prevent unwanted interaction between different sets of animals and to stop those of the private
reserves from escaping. Kruger is so vast (over two hundred miles from north to south) and larger than most of the animals'
natural wandering sphere that the Park is, to all intents and purposes, open countryside.

My visit in January 2007 was a precursor to a two week road-trip in the Western Province. The day after I arrived in Cape
Town from London, I jumped on a flight to Kruger/Mpumalanga Airport and picked-up my hire car (well, bus actually...it
turned out to be an eight-seater Mercedes Vito!). Thus I had the run of the place for a few days, including a drive back
through the Drakensberg mountains (See Places section) before returning to Cape Town.

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