This was my first trip overseas after buying a digital camera - the Nikon D70 - back in October 2004. The itinerary consisted of
a few days in Hamburg, followed by a day-trip by rental car to Lübeck, Puttgarten and the famous Rendsburg Bridge.
Unfortunately, the weather was not on my side, but I was able to spend another day on the tracks in good sunlight in the
Harburg and Hamburg Hafen areas.

Hamburg sees a large amount of freight traffic heading for the Hafen and the giant Maschen Yard (Europe's largest), as well
as a wide variety of DB, NOB and Metronom passenger services. There are international services into Denmark via Rendsburg
and Flensburg as well as DSBs København-Hamburg service which uses the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry to cross the Fehmarn Belt.

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Just a few days in Paris to celebrate my birthday in style, including a day-trip by rail to the medieval city of Troyes.
A little bit of snow on the day-trip added to the magic.

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Some opportunist shots taken whilst on a visit to Gent with my Dad and one of his pals to see the Six-Day Cycling event.
It was an even better opportunity to sample the local beer and food! A day trip to Antwerpen was shoe-horned in as well as
half an hour or so at Bruxelles Midi while the rest of my party topped-up their caffine levels.

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Perhaps one of my most adventurous trips to date, I decided to drive down to the south of France, from home, in my
own car. The initial aim was to attend the ATP Masters tennis tournament down in Monte Carlo (see Sports Photos
section), but I thought it would be a good idea to make it into a two-week road trip. The route included stops in
Reims, Dijon, Grenoble, Briançon and Nice, with the return leg taking in the Millau Viaduct and a chance to get some
shots of TGV action near Valence and on the newly-opened LGV Est near Reims.

As well as the well-documented TGV action, there is a significant regional rail service in the south of France - including
private operator Chemins de Fer de la Provence between Nice and Digne les Bains - and a fair amount of freight in
the Marseille/Montpellier region.

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