California had always been on my shortlist as a holiday destination and for my first trip to USA since 2004 I headed straight to
the Golden State. A recent change in my career path meant that I had the luxury of a three-week trip. Apart from railways I
had various other sights in mind, some of which are documented in the Places section of this website. After arriving in LA on
17th June 2006 I headed for Cajon and Barstow before heading across the Mojave Desert as far as Needles. Taking a north-
westward line, I then cut through Las Vegas and Death Valley before reaching Tehachapi on Midsummer's Day.

My course then drifted (purposefully) down the San Joaquin valley and onwards through Roseville, Donner Pass, Reno and
the Feather River Canyon. The Portola Railroad Musuem was part of my itinerary but I was surprised to see UP Centenniel
6936 there also. This celebrated loco was due to take a trip north on Independence Day but, unfortunately, I could not fit
this into my schedule.

Going on ahead of the 6936 I then ventured north past Keddie Wye to Shasta and Klamath Falls before heading back south
through the Bay Area back to Los Angeles. I have tried to depict as much as possible of the California rail scene in this page
and have included passenger action from Amtrak, Altamont Commuter Express, Metrolink and Caltrain as well as
highlighting the variety of terrain to be found in the State.

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