This trip started out as a visit to Montreal in Canada but somehow ended up a bit further south! Being a fan of tennis, I had
my mind set on an ATP Masters event for the summer of 2007, with the Rogers Cup in Montreal being my first choice, along
with a railfan trip of the area. However, Montreal was sold out so I hastily rearranged things and booked tickets for the
Masters at Cincinnati instead. By chance, I found out that there was a Space Shuttle launch due on 7th August and so
decided to include Florida into the itinerary.

Starting in Miami with a couple of nights stop-over in Fort Lauderdale, my northerly route pretty much followed the Florida
East Coast railway as far as Jacksonville, with breaks in Titusville and Stuart. Unfortunately the Space Shuttle launch was
delayed for a day so another itinerary change was required. I decided to sacrifice Tampa and Bone Valley in favour of
Folkston and Waycross, Georga, and still managed to miss my flight to Cincinnati!

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