Since developing an interest in US railroads in the mid-1990s it quickly became apparent to me that the states of Washington,
Idaho, Oregon and Montana offered amongst the most spactacular locations for watching railways anywhere in the world,
but it was not until 2008 that I decided to venture to the 'Pacific Northwest' as the area is collectively known. A little
research revealed to me that there was far more to the landscape than initially meets the eye and also that a railfan/
sightseeing trip to the area would be a challenge.

Arriving in Seattle on 17th May, my route then followed the BNSF crossing of the Cascades to Wenatchee then taking-in
Trinidad Loop, Spokane and Sandpoint before entering Montana. Three days in the Glacier National Park were then followed
by a southerly transfer to Helena and a two-day inspection of the awesome Mullan Pass before venturing back to Sandpoint.
I then followed the path of the great Glacial Lake Missoula Floods before reaching Pasco and following the Columbia River
down to the Pacific Coast at Vancouver/Portland, finally returning to Seattle via Tacoma.

To be honest, I made the trip at the wrong time of the year - in hindsight I should have gone in August - as some of the
mountain passes were still snowbound and shrouded by cloud in any case. Notwithstanding that, I was still able to garner
some good photos in pleasant weather.

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